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Early life[ edit ] Rutten was born in TilburgNetherlands. At the age of 6 he developed eczema and severe asthma. Bas’ eczema meant he always wore long sleeves, turtle necks and gloves, and his asthma meant he was unable to partake in exercise, and was consequently relatively skinny.

He was bullied on a daily basis as a kid. Bas started training boxing in the backyard of an elementary school with a friend. Rutten became interested in martial arts at age 12 after his family went on vacation to Francewhere the movie Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee was playing at a local movie theatre.

After he saw the movie, he took an interest in martial arts. He picked it up very quickly and after a few months he got in a street fight with the biggest bully in town.

Rutten, now more confident, took the challenge and broke the bully’s nose and KO’d him with the first punch he threw. The police showed up at his parent’s place, and Rutten was immediately prohibited by his parents from further practicing martial arts, Ordre Isotretinoin Bas Prix. At age 21, he moved out of his parents’ house and once again started training taekwondo.

He was committed, eventually earning a 2nd degree black belt, Ordre Isotretinoin Bas Prix. He then began learning Kyokushin Karate and earned a 2nd degree black belt. He fought 16 times, winning the first 14 by knockout, 13 in the first round, and losing his final two fights.

In response, Bas landed a knee to the groin, which interrupted the match and caused a brawl. Though his first training was a tough start for him, he focused in learning the rudiments {How to buy Avalide 150 mg online safely – Cheap Pharmacy Products – Fastest U.S.

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The KO was so brutal that Yanagisawa was carried from the ring and spent 2 days in a hospital, with Bas himself fearing for his life. Fuke took Rutten down and locked an armbarwhich forced the Dutch fighter to spend a rope escape, though Bas was eventually able to land a knee strike to the liver to finish the match with a Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix. Rutten was taken down and forced to close guard, moment in which he accidentally hit Funaki with a closed-fisted punch.

When he tried to apologize, Ordre Isotretinoin Bas Prix, the Japanese fighter capitalized and executed a toeholdmaking Rutten tap out.

At that point of his career, Rutten realized the importance of the grappling aspect, and he started taping Pancrase trainings in order to practice those moves with his trainee Leon Van Dijk.

The hold completely broke Takahashi’s shin bone and gained Rutten an honorary 5th degree black belt in Kyokushin Budokai by Jon Bluming after he learned the fact.

Rutten then got his first high level win against the other co-founder of Pancrase, the previously undefeated Minoru Suzuki. The Dutch Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix knocked him down with a body kick, resisted successfully all his submissions attempts on the ground and then hit a knee to the liver on a downed Suzuki, finishing him off. Rutten later said that this win was one of the happiest moments of his life. This time the Dutch had Masakatsu Funaki himself in his corner, as he had got the Japanese to formally teach him shoot wrestling.

Rutten turned in a hard effort, being taken down by Shamrock and held under dominant position for most of the match. The again more experienced Shamrock made Rutten spend Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix escapes by submitting him with a pair of heel hooks and a rear naked chokeand although Rutten still tried on, he was ultimately choked out.

After this, Rutten decided to omit strikes from his training and focus in only grappling, and he bounced back from the loss with a submission win over Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Jason DeLuciatrading submission attempts with him before ending the match with a guillotine choke.

In DecemberRutten then participated in one of the greatest events in mixed martial arts history to the point, Ordre Isotretinoin Bas Prix, the King of Pancrase Tournament. The winner of this tournament would be crowned the first champion of Pancrase. The fight was a controversial one, as Rutten locked an earlier rear naked choke under the ropes, only to have the referee to break it up without deducting a lost point from Frank. After that point, the two nullified each other until the end of the match, which saw an upset decision win for Shamrock.

Frank also left the match with a broken nose by a high kick.

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Rutten was taken to the ground, but he clamped an arm triangle choke from half guard and exerted such a pressure that Yamada, refusing to tap out, was choked out and remained Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix with his eyes wide open after the hold. Thanks to this performance against the tournament finalist, Rutten received a rematch and a title shot against tournament winner and then current King of Pancrase Ken Shamrock for the King of Pancrase title on 10 March.

The match was very anticipated, Ordre Isotretinoin Bas Prix, but it ended early when Shamrock executed a kneebar and forced Rutten to submit. According to the Dutch, the loss was due to his training partner Funaki teaching him the wrong way to escape a kneebar, which made Rutten spin in the opposite direction giving a tighter hold for Shamrock.

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He then faced another dangerous striker, American kickboxing champion Maurice Smithwho in turn fell down to the mat to avoid Bas’s striking. Rutten grappled with him and showed his technical brilliance, firstly submitting Smith with a heel hook performed with his own chin and later executing a figure-four toehold for the win. Their fight was similar to the first bout, with both men trading positions and holds, and again the referee controversially broke up two kneebars which were performed by Rutten next to the ropes, but this time Rutten would win the split decision.

The win granted him a challenge title match in September against the King of Pancrase Minoru Suzukiwhich was their rematch from the fight at the beginning of their careers. The match was long and intense, as Suzuki rode Rutten for most of their exchanges in the Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix, and actually managed to force him to spend a rope escape with a tight kneebar. Rutten held his own through his defensive acumen, occasionally countering with guillotine chokes and a surprising rolling kneebar from standing, until the match came to its last minutes.

After getting from under a mountRutten threw a front kick to the body which downed Suzuki and followed with a guillotine choke, making the King of Pancrase tap out. After putting his title defenses on hold due to an injury, Rutten returned to the ring in a rematch against Maurice Smith. Overwhelmed by Rutten’s strikes, Smith opted for taking him down every time possible, but Rutten ended up performing a half guard sweep into a rear naked choke for the tap out.

His next time would be against the man he debuted against in Pancrase, Ryushi Yanagisawaand this time the match lasted Despite breaking his hand during the match, Ordre Isotretinoin Bas Prix, Rutten scored three consecutive submissions through the affair before ending it with another rear naked choke.

Through the fight, Rutten dominated the stand-up with liver shots and palm strikes, forcing Mezger to take him down and meet him on the ground. There Mezger was able to control Rutten, but was unable to score a submission, while the Dutch defended and capitalized on the Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix segments to inflict damage.

At the end, after a leglock exchange, Ordre Isotretinoin Bas Prix, Rutten locked a heel hook variation to submit Mezger. On 16 May Rutten defended his title before Frank Shamrock in their third match, which was also for Shamrock’s interim King of Pancrase title.

Controlling the takedowns as usual, Shamrock gained north-south position several times, but was unable to submit Rutten, and Rutten in turn knocked him down with an open-handed uppercut. The two fighters struggled, and even fell off the ring in a failed takedown. In midst of the Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix, Frank famously taunted Rutten by sticking out his tongue at him during a leglock exchange, which moved Bas to hit him in the face with a close-fisted punch, losing a point by red card as Shamrock expected.

The fight was controversial for DeLucia repeatedly claiming Rutten had hit him with a closed fist, which costed the Dutch fighter a yellow card and later a red card. In response, Rutten hit several shots to DeLucia’s liver, rupturing it and knocking him out painfully. At Pancrase Anniversary Show, taking place on 7 September, Rutten defended his undisputed title against Masakatsu Funaki in what is considered to be one of the greatest fights in Pancrase history.

The Japanese wrestler came near finishing the match earlier with an ankle lock, but Rutten escaped miraculously and proceeded to fend Funaki off for the rest of the bout, utilizing the same stalling strategy he had used against Suzuki. Funaki made a Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix usage of the knee-on-stomach and Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix position to initiate leglock attacks, but the Dutch countered every time and eventually pushed Masakatsu away, moment in which the Japanese threw an illegal kick to Rutten while he was getting up.

In response, the Dutch fighter knocked Funaki down with a palm strike, and then completely broke his nose with a second palm strike to a supine Masakatsu.

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The stunned Japanese tried to trade hits with Rutten, only for Bas to capitalize on this with his famed striking game. Rutten knocked him down twice with palms and knees, Ordre Isotretinoin Bas Prix, and he followed landing a lengthy, unanswered Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix of strikes until a knee to the face finally downed Funaki for the KO victory. In doing so, he became a three-time King of Pancrase. Rutten described the war with Funaki in an interview: Before the fight when he came to me, he made that thumb over the neck, throat slashing motion like I was going to go down.

I turned to my manager and said, “Okay, now I’m going to kill this guy, you watch”. My game plan was to keep the fight going for 15 minutes Funaki had never fought above 15 minutes. But then, like 12 minutes into it, while I’m still on my knees he kicks me in the head. I block, but for me that was an illegal thing to do, Ordre Isotretinoin Bas Prix.

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From that moment on, I totally destroyed him. You got to see the fight; it was a massacre. My palms were black from hitting him so Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix. He had the gods on his side or something, because he stood up every time.

I hit his face back on the mat and you hear it slam into the mat. His nose is all the way to the side, broke, they have to straighten it Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix.

I go, “Oh my God, this guy can take a shot! He went down four times. But the last knee I gave to him was like everything I had. I grabbed him by the head and kneed him.

It was really like a Rocky movie. I’m standing there and I fall backwards, and I’m totally out of breath.

I get up and the referee holds my hand up. I was exhausted, I gave everything I had; I really wanted to destroy him.

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I broke his cheekbones and broke his nose, just because he said he was going to kill me. Oh, I was so angry at him. But afterwards, friends again What a crazy sport this is, huh? Following the match, he relinquished his title to be present for the Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix of his second daughter, Ordre Isotretinoin Bas Prix. The Dutchman avenged the accident in a rematch with Shibuya, in which he submitted the Japanese with a spinal lock from ura-gatame position he nicknamed “Bas Rutten Neck Crank.

Rutten left Pancrase as one of the most dominant fighters in the history of the organization.

However, Shamrock stated that he already beat Rutten twice and that a third time wasn’t necessary. Later, inRutten said that he would not fight Shamrock again even if it was offered to him because of the Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix they developed over the years, and that he could not put his Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix and heart into fighting Ken. Rutten entered the UFC with a massive amount of hype; he was undefeated in his last 19 fights and was touted by the organization as the “world’s greatest martial artist.

The title was then stripped from Couture and a Ordre Isotretinoin Bas prix of sorts was set up to determine the next champion. During the bout, Rutten was repeatedly taken down and struck with ground and poundbut he ended up scoring a dramatic KO with just a minute left in overtime. The first four minutes consisted of Rutten taking unanswered punishment from his guard, getting blood on his face, but after the fight was stood up to check Rutten’s cut, Rutten landed a hard kick to Randleman’s liver, slowing his pace for the rest of the fight.

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