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8 Tips to Enhance Slow Laptop Efficiency After System Upgrades

The Windows lock screen experience introduced with Windows 8 and extended in Windows 10 drapes your background image and notifications over your monitor when your PC is locked. Storage Sense (Storage settings) is the modern app which replaces the Disk Cleanup classic desktop tool. If you like, you can lock rotation in place, so the display remains in a landscape orientation despite your gadget’s position. Enter the answers for your security questions. I tried two different way to create a couple of other accounts, but every time it didn’t work. I tested, and it overrides the default macOS app-switcher, so no need to use something like Karabineer Elements which is what I use to disable the default app-switcher in addition to add the new control-tab hotkey shortcut.

Whatever the reason, depending on the edition of Windows 10 installed on your device, you can regain control and stop automatic updates using the Windows Updates settings or permanently using Group Policy and Registry. You may also have to disable automatic Windows updates (you will have to manually download security updates from the Windows updates catalog and install MSU update files manually ). To do this, enable the policy Configure Automatic Update” in the section Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update.

I’ve found myself using Windows-Tab more often now since it uses Task Manager. By running the installer again on this workstation and checking the registry key listed above after the error message is shown, it can be determined which of the two situations has occurred. General rule of thumb with driver updates… if it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing. There are five known issues in this build, including one in which when certain external USB 3.0 drives are attached, they stop responding with Start Code 10.

By doing so, you’ll reinstall Windows 10, but you will keep all your files and applications. If you need further insights into this issue, you might as well post this in the Feedback page via the inbuilt Feedback App in Windows 10. Windows finds updates that apply to the computer and downloads them in the background (the user is not notified or interrupted wikidll.com/microsoft/dx8vb-dll during this process). Open the Computer Management sub-menu and select Microsoft Intune Agent Settings,” and then click Create Policy.

Your Windows 10 Action Center will show you all notifications you might’ve missed if you didn’t see the balloon pop up or have them disabled. If you are installing Legacy on a Windows Vista or later computer please visit for installation instructions. You don’t have to manually go over all of your files and delete them. So if you are already using a Microsoft account for logon, please first switch to local account in Windows 10 and then select this option to block Microsoft account.

We fixed an issue where the File Explorer title bar would blend into black backgrounds when dark theme was enabled. Note – To get back the blur effect, simply delete the DisableAcrylicBackgroundOnLogon DWORD. Instead, Automatic Updates will notify the user to restart the computer in order to complete the installation. This policy specifies whether Automatic Updates will deliver both important as well as recommended updates from the Windows Update service.

Touchscreens would not be popularly used for video games until the release of the Nintendo DS in 2004. After completing the steps, users will no longer be able to set a new image as a background using the Settings app and the right-click Set as desktop background” will not work. Next, use the drop-down menu to select the number of days for both Feature updates and Quality updates under the Options panel. Use the steps below to turn off notifications for the other app.

Alt + Tab is a convenient keyboard shortcut to switch between open windows in Windows operating system. What is needed is an option like this on Windows. Step 6. Choose how the new user will log in his account: Xbox, Office Online, OneDrive, Office, or Skype. If you run into issues using an Android phone, you may need to enable app notifications for the Your Phone Companion app to run properly. Your graphics’ drivers such as Intel, AMD and NVIDIA also enable you to change the PC’s screen orientation.

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